Tithoreon Elaion

Olive Oil Association of Western Locris

From the ancient times until today the olives have been harvested in most countries of the world by hand. This work, depending on the variety, soil topography, weather conditions and the load of the trees, was and remains difficult and requires much labour for extended periods.

Thus arose the high density linear plantings of olive-crops where almost all the work, from pruning to harvest, are made at least initially, mechanically and with minimal staff.

The last 12 to 15 years, dense linear olive crops cover a total area of more than 350,000 acres, and the rates of planting this new method is around 35,000 acres per year. In our country, at the initiative of Nursery gardeners and olive oil, began to settle the last 3 to 5 years high density olive plantations in different regions and microclimates of Acarnania, Boeotia, Thessaly, Elis and Macedonia. It is certainly too early to draw conclusions, as it is the case in all countries of the world where the high density plantings of olive trees are tested.

It is sure that this method of cultivation will be tested more widely in Greece and probably if it is economically viable primarily and secondarily technically feasible it can be extended wherever possible, using both Greek and foreign varieties of olives.

So we decided to form an association of olive oil in Tithorea, an ancient olive place in the northern foothills of Mount Parnassos.

To produce the best quality olive oil, we combined the favour of our soil, the microclimate of the region (Kifissos valley and mountain Parnassus), the traditional experience and passion with expertise, scientific monitoring and assistance at all stages of the production process.

Today, we produce oil with the most modern methods of farming (integrated management), collection (fully mechanized) oil making (at the same day), storage, packaging, packing and distribution.