Tithoreon Elaion

Olive Oil Association of Western Locris

The young olive trees enter into commercial fruition in the third year after the plantation in the field, with a first average production of about 300-400 kg of olives per 165 trees / acre.

When the content of the fruit oil is 20%, as the fruits of our variety Arbequina (18% -22%), the total production of linear high density olive oil ranges from 120 to 280 kg / 165 trees / acre, depending of course on the load of trees.

From the few data available on Greek high density olive groves three years of age, the oil content of the Arbequina variety in early December in the lowlands of eastern Central Greece, was between 12% -15%, while that of Koroneiki at the same period in lowland areas of Western Greece, was significantly lower and ranged to 10%.